A few weeks ago I worked with some lovely people on this shoot. Stylist Liz Scarlet came to me with an awesome idea, as she often does, and before I knew it I had a fantastic model ( Michelle Elisabeth ), an amazing make-up artist (Deniece van der Molen) and a fabulous stylist over at my place, getting ready to shoot.

It was a great day out, sunny and warm, and we decided to shoot under the bridge next to my house. It has this great, gritty look that really went with the whole ‘feel’ of the shoot.

under the bridge

Everything went so well! We worked fast, we were on the same page, the light was exactly the way I wanted it, we got perfect shot after perfect shot…sometimes everything just works.




After the first three outfits we went back inside for a little touch up and to get the remaining outfits. And then the clouds came…

Sure, great, of course, it’s not like we were trying to create a fashion editorial with consistent light… we got frustrated. We waited. And waited.. and waited… for the sun to show his smug face again. But no such luck, the clouds were getting more and more ominous. It looked like there was a storm coming. We had to go ahead and just work with what we had. At the time I was incredibly annoyed by it, I felt like the shoot was ruined and it would never make a good consistent set of photos. But luckily, I was wrong. When I look at the pictures now, I am so excited, so happy! These are some of my best shots so far. I can’t wait to share them with you! But it will have to wait a while longer.. I hope these behind-the-scenes pics will help make you a little bit curious..



See you next blog!