I’ve always been a very visual person, and visual art runs in my family.

Photography has been my passion since I was able to use a (digital) camera.  I started taking pictures of flowers and my cats, in and around the garden. Soon after, I started using my sister as a model. We styled her in the most outrageous outfits and applied crazy make-up.

When I started my study in graphic design and desktop publishing, I was required to find an internship. I got lucky and got an internship with photographer Ursula van de Bunte. I will forever be grateful for the things she taught me and the opportunities she has given me. During this internship I developed many useful skills, I got better at retouching and learned how to shoot in a studio with professional lights, in a creative and original way.  After we parted our ways she continued to be an inspiration to me, among many other amazing photographers. My style is completely my own, and has had a lot of time and space to develop, but it has been, and still continues to be, influenced and inspired by many fantastic creative minds.

From the very beginning I did a lot of the make-up and styling for my models and clients. My interest in fashion and make-up had a chance to grow and develop into something I could really use in my images. I am however very happy when I can work with other make-up artists and stylists, because I love how each person just creates more passion to pour into the project.

It is important to me to empower my clients and models. So many people have a lot of pressure and insecurities to deal with in their daily life, and I want our collaboration to be something fun, inspiring and empowering. Something to be proud of and look at with a sense of accomplishment. The key is to find what works for you and build you up to create a strong and beautiful image.

I find inspiration in everything around me. A piece of classical music, an artistic dance video, a walk in the forest or listening to my favorite song while taking a shower. At any given time, inspiration can strike and ideas for new images get stored in the back of my head. A shoot with me is a creative process. Of course on many occasions everything will be planned out beforehand, but when a creative team gets together, creative juices start to flow and beautiful things happen. To me, it is very important that everyone that’s part of the team gets to put a part of themselves into the image. I will always try my hardest for you to make sure you get the images that you have in mind. At the moment I do most of my work from my studio in Amersfoort, but have no problem adjusting to a location of your choice. I pride myself in being able to create high quality images no matter where I have to work.

Do you want to know more? Do you need me and my for one of your projects ? Just give me a call or send me an email!

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Josefien Hoekstra