Tips & tricks!

I thought it would be fun to tell you  little bit about how I achieve some of the effects in my work.
A lot of people assume it’s all Photoshop, and clients actually ask me if I can retouch their photos to look like a certain photo from my portfolio. When I tell them that most effects are actually not photoshopped at all, I usually get a surprised look.

In reality, it’s really very simple. I hold stuff in front of my camera and I see what it does to the atmosphere of the image. I have a collection of strange fabrics, plastics and other transparent things that I hold in front of my lens to create a certain effect.

This image, for example, was created using cling film. I simply made a little hole in the cling film, and shot through it. Sometimes it’s as simple as that!

model Julian Bingham, MUA Ashley Wolthers


For the photo below, I actually used one of the coloured filters you’d usually put in front of your flash, only I put it in front of my lens. This creates a very vintage look with very little effort.

promo shot for Wither’s Avenue

And finally, this last photo was made using a sheer tulle-like fabric. A really cheap little curtain that I got at Ikea and actually use most often. When partially in front of your lens, it creates a very soft white vignette that can make your images look very dreamy and fairytale-like.

shot for Tante Suiker, model Britt Bush, MUA Ashley Wolthers

That’s all for this blog! I hope it inspired you to try out some silly things, too. You might be pleasantly surprised  by the outcome.
Good luck!