I always jokingly say I live in the ghetto, and while that may be a litte bit true, my neighbourhood has a lot to offer.
Once again, an outdoor photoshoot with awesome results took place only a few steps from my house.



With a great team consisting of Liz Scarlet ( assisted by Robin ), Ashley Wolthers, my go-to make-up artist, and model Britt Busch, I had a lovely photoshoot last week.

It was hot outside, too hot to actually do anything, but that’s not an option when Liz has a huge amount of pretty jewelry to play around with.
We went for a colourful, summery, happy shoot. Bright and expressive, girly and sweet.

Not something any of us would usually do. But sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone is a very good idea.

Ashley made sure the colours on Britt’s face were popping ( she did an amazing ombre lip !! ) and wisely spent a lot of time relaxing in the (semi)shade.



Some of my favorite pieces were made with porcelain and gold… so precious!

The sun wasn’t only hot, but bright as hell, too! There wasn’t a cloud in sight. All I needed for perfect light was a reflector, wich had to be handled with care, I didn’t want to blind our lovely model.

With a model as expressive as Britt, it isn’t hard to shoot a great series of portraits. She nailed it! Damn models, always giving me a hard time selecting the photos I will eventually retouch..

These photos will probably be published in the not so distant future, so I can’t show you any end results yet. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes pics are entertaining enough for now. 😉

EPH_4472 EPH_4409

See you next blog!