Playing with the Lensbaby  Sweet 80 optic for Photofacts Academy. They’ll have a full course about Lensbaby lenses soon!

The focus is slightly different in all of these images. It’s not always necessary to have a fully in focus model or perfect eye focus. When you want to shoot creative portraits, you can definitely say “fuck the rules” sometimes 😉 when it’s about the total package, colour, emotion, composition, creativity and your own personal touch, all of those things are more important than some rules about what’s “correct”. Sometimes it’s about the things that flow naturally and invoke an emotion. With lenses like the Sweet 80 you can create a totally different mood by shifting your focus and totally blurring parts of your image.

That being said, which one is your favorite and why? Have you ever shot portraits that go against rules and expectations?

Check out Lensbaby and all they have to offer here (affiliate link)

Model MigĂ©sa Gaidy at APL Model Management
Make-up and hair Charlotte van Beusekom
Top by Dark Virtue Designs

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