A 24hr photoshoot challenge.

Last week, stylist Liz Scarlet and I decided to give ourselves a little challenge: to completely plan and produce a photoshoot from A-Z within 24 hours. Meaning: finding a shooting team, a location, finding and picking up clothing samples, shooting (hair, makeup, styling, taking photos) and even retouching the final images. I think we totally nailed the challenge by creating ‘Dusk Warrior’, thanks to a great team!

All images were shot with natural light and a reflector. The light wasn’t great, loads of clouds and trees that made it quite dark, but in the end we got what we needed. Next time I’ll hopefully have some equipment to bring along.. for even better results!

I absolutely loved doing this and I’m very happy with the results. I really hope we’ll be able to do more like this in the future, because it really gets the creative juices flowing! Let me know what you think in the comments below or at my Facebook page! 🙂

Photography: Josefien Hoekstra
Styling: Liz Scarlet
Hair: Ilona Pouw
Model: Elsemieke van der Heijden

(click the photos for a better view)

Behind the scenes

_PH_1113 _PH_1116

_PH_1114 _PH_1115

  _PH_1117 _PH_1227

 _PH_1239 _PH_1243

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