When I get a crazy idea into my head, there is very little that can stop me. A great example of this is me standing in the ocean on a very cold day in September, with a very brave model actually getting down in the dirty sand with the ice cold waves crashing against her freezing body. We started off shooting in the nearby dunes while the sun was setting, and as I saw the sun setting and that gorgeous light hitting the ocean, I felt like it would be a complete waste not to use this moment.

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Now before you think I am totally evil, trust me when I say I won’t ever force anyone to do anything.. I simply come up with something and get really enthousiastic.

Luckily for me that’s usually enough to get others on board as well. We started off with some portraits but quickly got into the water.


I rarely ever ask my models to smile, but Daisy makes it look so beautiful and natural that I am very happy to have taken this shot.

EPH_0432  EPH_0431 EPH_0430

I had the great fortune of having Daisy van der Wees as my lovely model, and her father tagged along to support her. He did a really great job at it, making her feel more secure in her posing. Daisy is a real trooper. She looked totally comfortable and amazing in the cold ocean.


My love and greatest source of support Marco was there to help me with the reflector, which helped me get the perfect light for some great backlit beach babe shots.


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