Now you see me

“Now you see me” is a series about self acceptance and body image. With these photos I want to emphasize that women can show their gorgeous true selves with or without make-up, styling and retouching. Just because she doesn’t wear make-up, doesn’t mean she isn’t gorgeous. Just because she is stylized and retouched, doesn’t mean she isn’t herself anymore. Your beauty comes from within, and your personality will always shine through.

I want to empower not only the wonderful women who posed for this project, but the people who look at these images as well. Self love is something I struggle with every day, and I feel like I am not alone. I meet a lot of women who are insecure about their face without make-up, or the shape of their body. Stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, spots, freckles. In short: Insecurities, imperfections. We all have them and we all worry about them. But what is “perfect” anyway? We use make-up and clothing to hide the things we don’t like and try to show a different version of ourselves to the world.

My mission with this project is to show the world that both versions of a woman are beautiful. We shouldn’t feel like we have to hide parts of who we are in order to be accepted, but in this appearance-obsessed society, sometimes it seems like you can’t do it right. No make-up? You’re ugly, you look tired and you aren’t trying hard enough. Too much make-up? You’re insecure and you are lying to yourself and the world. It’s hard to accept yourself when society and the media are always telling you you’re doing it wrong. Money is made from women who feel unhappy, because they spend money on things that promise them the perfect face and physique.

There is absolutely no shame in wanting to feel like a glamorous, fabulous lady and using these tools to do so. However, we shouldn’t forget to love the pure, naked and honest version of ourselves. That is, after all, our true self.

This is an ongoing series, check back  to see more images or keep an eye on my Facebook page